Local Attractions

Lehlabile Cultural Tours

Martha Mosima, Anna Mojadibodu, Miriam Moabi and Sophia Mokau personally conduct the tour, offering visitors an insight into local lifestyles, food, decor, song, dance, and history. Tours start with a viewing of the community crèche and school, moving through the village and ending with an optional lunch in a traditional Pedi homestead. These cultural tours are highly recommended.

Beadle Craft Workshop

Beadle is a community project that was established in 1988, employing eleven individuals full-time from the Triple ‘B’ Ranch farm community. Beadle is a result of a vision to help the rural community improve their lives, through acquiring skills, training and sustainable employment. You will be able to buy the beautiful leather and beaded products from the shop.

Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm

Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm is the largest commercial crocodile farm in the southern hemisphere. They have approximately 22000 crocodiles of varying sizes and export crocodile products. Feeding time at Thaba Kwena is an experience not to be missed.

Elephant Back Safaris

You will discover so much more about elephants, whilst witnessing the animals intelligence, compassionate nature and sheer delight in interacting with their human companions.

The Fold

The owners of Umndeni Game Lodge are supporters of The Fold, a private hostel for vulnerable and orphaned children. If you would like to visit The Fold during your stay, this can be easily arranged.

Pilansberg National Park

About 2 hours drive to the famous Pilansberg National Park, where you have a chance to see the entire Big 5. Take a picnic and enjoy a full day safari. You can drive yourself or Dawyn will drive you there in one of the Umndeni vehicles.

The Waterberg seems to become more and more enchanting with each visit, and it has become a place that I love, and hope that I can continue to visit for many years to come. With that deep affection for a place comes the desire to share the experience with other – kindred spirits – who you just know, will also fall in love with the place. We all know the old cliché about getting the dirt of Africa on your boots, and not being able to get rid of it. Once again you have had a very influential hand in creating memories that will last a lifetime and for that I am truly grateful.

Giles, UK 2016